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Bring Kids’ Creations to Life with This 24-Color Pack of Airdry Modeling Clay from Artsity. With 24 colorful pieces, three sculpting tools, and even Ziplock bags to keep the clay moist, this craft clay kit has everything you need to let your kid’s creativity shine. The ability to create additional colors through mixing, there’s no limit to the creativity you can unleash with this modelling clay kit.

Sometimes hands aren’t quite enough, so we include three sculpting tools with each clay kit. They should be kept away from children under 3 due to a possible choking hazard, but beyond that, they’re exactly what a good sculptor needs to take their creation to the next level.

This airdry clay is completely safe and not at all harsh. It’s gentle on the environment, and it won’t cause problems if ingested; though we certainly don’t recommend that.

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Our craft modelling clay is supple enough to easily knead into whatever shape comes to mind. Once you’ve perfected your creation, simply let it sit to dry. Not satisfied? Store it in the provided Ziplock bag so it stays moist for another round of sculpting.


This molding clay kit comes with 24 different colors of airdry modeling clay. Plus, you can combine it in any way you like to achieve exactly the color you have in mind.


Each modelling clay kit comes with three tools to help you sculpt your best, though they should not be kept within reach of children under 3 due to a possible choking hazard. Between these cool tools and the power of your hands, the sky’s the limit!


No need to worry that the kids could get sick; our kids modeling clay is completely safe and gentle on the environment. Just remove the craft clay from the candy bag, and let the fun begin! It also works great as slime clay.


Whether you’re a crafty kid or adult, our plasticine foam clay puts you in control. Non sticky and lightweight, Artsity’s clay set is all you need for hours of creative construction. If you’re ever unsatisfied, just let us know and we’ll make it right with a refund or replacement. So click Buy Now, and let those creative juices flow!

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